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As long as people aren't shot, stabbed, raped, kicked in the head or punched in the face which happened to me a month ago after two thugs broke into my car , they shouldn't complain about having their property stolen. In fact, we shouldn't even consider the taking of someone else's property as "stealing. We all have too much stuff anyway. We should be thankful when someone takes some of it off of our hands.

KOMO Demagoguery Piques Interest in Real Solutions for Homelessness

I make plenty of money. I can just buy another one. And I'm glad some needy person now has my phone which they can use I don't doubt that's true. But I'm not aware of any law preventing all the very highly-paid tech workers -- and other highly-paid people -- from donating part of their income to help out all of those people who are very low-paid or have no income at all. It's unacceptable to have a class of people that live in makeshift shanty towns on public land.

The effort needs to be two fold. First, compassion, empathy and progressive fund raising to solve the problem. Second, tough, no exception policing. Clean up camping sites the same day they get established.

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The longer we live with it the more likely this becomes a "normal" reality of life in the US. Even years ago, we didn't have to pick-up needles in City parks every day, walk over addicts who had pissed themselves to sleep or file a 5th police report because some homeless, addicted, knucklehead has broken into your garage yet again. I've been here years and have never seen such a worthless City Council and frustrated body of law enforcement. Compassion is in short supply; something has to change. Broad strokes are best left to painting.

Take the situations and individuals on a case by case basis. Saying everyone is x because of y is just such simplistic thinking. So here goes: We have very low rate of violent crime and only a slightly elevated rate of property crime for a city our size. The spike in property crime is almost totally commiserate with our sudden and shocking rate of growth.

That's why it's not that big a deal. Our property crime is not that bad — despite all the pearl clutching cowards that can't tear their eyes away from KOMO fear mongering. It is a problem that we can solve. And solutions take time. They take money. They take patience. What YOU assholes want is to just squeal and make it all somebody else problem.

Which is what Providence did. The refrain that "just throwing money at the problem" Is that not a complaint about the amount of money being spent? Or am I supposed to take literally? Like Durkan is throwing bundles of money out the back of her Prius at Homeless people?

How to Stream KOMO (ABC 4) Live without Cable

He made an implication that the city is clearly sending too much money. I would assume a super genius like you could then conclude there a solution in mind that is "less money" than currently being spent. What is the ideal amount? Tell me. We know that happens far less often in Seattle than 30 years ago. Car theft is a fraction of what it once was -- cars are much harder to steal, and it's much harder to chop them or sell them.

Oh, but wait, you'll say car prowls are unreported. I'm supposed to have no sympathy for homeless people who won't help themselves, and no sympathy for drug addicts who won't help themselves. But I'm supposed to be so concerned for car owners who can't even be bothered to report their own car got broken into? They demand action from the city, yet they are the very people whose laziness is why we have no evidence of this supposed wave of broken car windows.

Let's pretend all that's true. What are these junkies breaking your car window for? They're not trying to steal your stereo. Car stereo theft died out 20 years ago.

Tensions between KOMO, Sinclair

Cars today aren't all filled with interchangeable aftermarket stereos that can easily be turned into cash at any pawn shop. Do you leave your car filled with cash overnight? Do you leave your iPhone in the glove box? And who is to blame for all of these things? Has the number of Seattle car owners who are too dumb to remove valuables from their car parked on the street increased? Is that it? Car drivers have gotten dumber?

It doesn't add up.

In addition to asking us to believe the city's upstanding responsible citizens are not reporting car break ins, you're asking us to believe you can maintain a heroin habit by busting car windows and stealing Rolex watches lying on the seat? Car prowl is not the profitable crime it was in the 90s. For the geriatric Trumper audience who watches right-wing TV, of course, they haven't caught up with the world since In their mind punks are still out there ripping off Sparkomatic receivers from the dash of your F If you're wondering why this kind of phony crime wave propaganda from wingunts, from Safe Seattle and the rest of those grifers, gets laughed at, that's why.

You make shit up. You make up beheadings. You make up fake crime statistics. We see you. You're doing it right here in front of us. What is with you people? I mean like your Tim Eyman, rolling away with a chair, right in front of all the cameras, in front of everybody. Trump lying out loud to the whole world surrounded by cameras, surrounded by fact checkers. We live in the age of bad liars.

Why KOMO's 'Seattle is Dying' special resonated

And then you get all huffy when we call you on it. At least learn to lie better. Or -- here's a thought! Perfection is the enemy of good. Why not try what RI did? What we are doing now is obviously not working. Commit a crime go to jail or get treatment. I really don't understand why that is such a big deal? This is not only a human tragedy unfolding before us but an environmental nightmare as well. Sure glad that when the opportunity presented itself to me on numerous occasions I always said no to drugs But even if it had, it does not necessarily imply spending too much money; it can mean the correct amount of money is being spent ineffectually.

Why Aren't We Helping Them? It's not like there isn't enough money to help everyone who needs help Where's all this money that should be going to the Common Good? This weekend a friend and I had to talk down a homeless man living from his car with severe mental issues who was calling us both racial slurs and threatening to kill me with a knife. He had been waiting for 45 minutes already for SPD to respond to a hit and run and refused to move his car out from behind my friend's car.