Understanding coupon doubling

Most of the coupons printed off the Internet and those which are found from the Blinkie dispensers in the grocery store starts with 9 — meaning that they will never double even a a store that doubles.

Couponing 101 Tutorial - Doubling Coupons

Coupons that double are Manufacturer coupons that you can find mostly in Sunday papers and for some extent also online. This is why each retailer has its own policy for doubling.

How To Use Coupons at ShopRite

Are there any limitations to double couponing? With double couponing being a store initiative, every store set its own rules:.

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What if there are no stores in my area that double coupons? You can still get many items for free by applying the Smart Coupon Strategy applying coupons on top of already reduced sale prices and refining it by Stacking Coupons using a Manufacturer Coupon and Store Coupon on the same item. Anything else I should know about double coupons?

What about Taxes? You should be aware to the fact that even if your item is free after coupons, depending on jurisdiction — some registers will still ring up the total tax due.


Some people find that time is better spent earning money as opposed to saving money grocery shopping. Extreme couponers always seem to know where to shop to get the cheapest price, and some of the best deals occur when a store doubles coupons. You could do the same, right? Well, not exactly. Many of the stores featured in the show came under fire when it was discovered that coupons were doubled for the show only.

When other couponers headed in to claim the same deal, store owners pointed out that the show was done for promotional reasons only, and coupon doubling was not allowed. Each store has different policies on how many coupons are allowed for each item or each transaction, and you might be turned away when you try to redeem too many. Extreme couponers display their store receipts like a badge of honor on the show, online, and in their homes. Almost any hardcore bargain shopper can easily tell you about his or her best score; specifically, how much was bought and how much was saved.

Plenty of hardcore bargain shoppers purchase extra copies of the newspaper to ensure that they have multiples of each and every coupon, and the cost of newspapers can add up over time.

Coupons - Great Ready for your Budget

Next, you need to consider your gas costs. It pays to do the math. Much of the time, the best deals are for processed foods, condiments, and toiletries. Most offer the store a full rebate, as well as additional funds for handling, shipping, and processing. Coupons are made for the casual shopper, not the extreme type.

Washington's Double Couponing Grocery Stores

Grateful and considerate couponers use their coupons to get the best discounts without affecting other shoppers, while extreme couponers do what they can to stretch their money, regardless of how it affects others. This might be a controversial opinion, but I appreciate it when couponers show a little restraint in the grocery store by shopping during slower hours, or by leaving product on the shelves despite the ability to buy it all due to a deep discount. To be a real extreme couponer, you need to have a ton of time, a large investment, and very thick skin. All Rights Reserved. Nebraska Stores- Doubling of Coupons Here are just a few stores that we have found that allow for double couponing.

Keep in mind, policies do change so please confirm before making your next trip. Doubling is just one way to save. As simple as it sounds, double couponing is merely doubling the value or deal listed on the coupon. Most places that double coupons only allow this to be applied to ones that list a dollar amount, so it would not apply to BOGO coupons. It can be especially impressive when the price of the particular item is completely eliminated due to the doubling- free items!!!

Keep this List Up-to-Date Have you visited a store recently that you know accepts double or triple coupons? We are constantly looking to update this page with the best stores to coupon at in your area. Please add to this list by adding a comment below.