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I had several of these in my freezer when it went out on Sunday and had to toss them. At least I can restock at a decent price when IF my freezer gets fixed on Monday fingers crossed!!!! I did not know about these until now, but I am super exited to try them! Thanks for the feedback!

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I wish i loved this stuff! But, its not even close to rice.

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I eat Paleo and would love to love this. Sorry to hear you did not care for them Tess.

  • Green Giant Coupons For Veggie Snack Chips, and Frozen Vegetables!
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I DO love rice. Hoping I still like these!

Make Veggies Fun with $ Green Giant Veggie Spirals at Walmart!

Thanks a ton for your honest review! This taste really great if you cook it with a little oilve oil, or irsih butter and seasoning till golden colored. It gets a better texture. My daughter is vegan and loves the riced cauliflower medley. The key is she eats it under things like teriyaki tofu or such where there is a sauce to mix in with it. It makes a passable substitute for rice that way.

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It looks icky from the coloring, but YUM!! Anyone else else having trouble with the coupon link? Hi Danielle!

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If you select Green Giant in the brand drop down it should show up for you. Hope that helps! My store only had one variety, unfortunately. Heidi is giving it away she's celebrating followers on Instagram. Using the Bargain Bin Betty Database bargainbinbetty. Posted a pic of the search results! I did a quick search using the Coupon Database bargainbinbetty. You might want to do your own search as it's updated daily with new offers.

Posted picture of results below. Please share any other coupons you've found for June! Use your shoppers card at Giant Eagle and take home a nice variety of cans and frozen veggies for low prices. Did a quick search for Green Giant coupons using the Coupon Database over at bargainbinbetty.

Meijer: Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.17 each

It's a great way to search for coupons over various platforms. To print, go HERE. And now for the giveaway! Below is what is included in the prize pack:. Leave a third comment stating whether you are a new or existing subscriber. Leave a fourth comment stating whether you are a new or existing follower. To print your coupon, go HERE.

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Once signed in, you can access and print this as well as many other coupons. This is an extremely rare coupon so print this coupon regardless of where you shop.

Also — I hate to fast forward the upcoming holiday season on you, but start planning ahead! If you make special casseroles for Thanksgiving or Christmas that you need canned veggies in, print this coupon now.