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Combine this with no backlight, and you also get the most hair-raising blacks to enhance the beautiful colours for a truly cinematic viewing experience. Colours as real as they should be. Instead of a a black screen, you'll see beautiful images that match your lifestyle. Direct Full Array 8X Experience the real scene.

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Lounge Floor Rugs. Bedroom Beds Sofa Beds. Sleepyhead Mattress Range Wonderest Mattress. Personal Audio Alarm Clocks and Radio. Lounge Floor Rugs Throws Cushions. Dishwashers Free Standing Dishwashers Dishdrawer. So for a 55 inch TV, that would equate to 2. A larger screen will come at a price premium - maybe a 20 per cent difference between a 55 inch and 65 inch model, but an 85 inch screen may cost two-thirds as much.

Take your tape measure and visit a showroom to approximate how far you will be positioned from the screen - that will give you an idea of the viewing experience you can expect. This is the best screen resolution on offer x pixels or x pixels. Within the next couple of years, a lot more content will hit the market, so future-proof yourself with a 4K display.

This applies to 4K screens and creates a dynamic contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks on the screen. It really does make a noticeable difference to TV shows and movies - more atmospheric and lifelike scenes. But it is early days for HDR and as with 4K, content has to be encoded in the format to make the most of your TV screen. Several versions of HDR currently vie for attention.

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Again, this is a future-proofing decision as more HDR content will be coming to our screens soon. Refresh rate: Your TV screen is constantly refreshing the image on your screen and the faster it is capable of doing this, the smoother the picture you will get. That becomes particularly important where there are fast-moving scenes on your screen, such as in an action movie or a game of rugby.

You should therefore look for a TV with a high refresh rate - ideally a minimum of Hz Hertz. Look for a minimum of four HDMI 2. Freeview: Do you still watch much free-to-air TV? This means that it includes a tuner that will let you pick up the channels carried on Freeview, such as One, 2, Three, Prime and Al Jazeera. Freeview TVs have an electronic programming guide and some of them will let you record content to watch later. Smart TV functions now extend to artificial intelligence that let you do smart things like change channel and search for content with voice commands.

Like your smartphone, there are increasingly learning from your behaviour to make your viewing experience smoother. Other services like screen mirroring, so you can transfer content on a phone or tablet to your TV may be of interest and your TV should have a tidy interface for managing media, such as image, video and audio files contained on an inserted USB stick.

The TV industry has seen one fad after another come and go. Five years ago, the hot new feature was built-in 3D support - just don these geeky glasses and the images will leap out of the screen at you. They are also more difficult to wall mount and take up more space - avoid the curve. One last thing to consider - sound: The speakers on new TVs these days are very good and audio technology like Dolby Atmos will you give you a surround sound quality without needing to deck out your room with speakers.

But few TVs, particularly as they have become much thinner, can offer the rich sound of external speakers.